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Default How Do I Make Glossy, Transparent, Glowing Textures In Gimp 2.0?
I'm wanting to make a crystal accessory for The Sims 4, I already have an idea for the shape of it but I have no idea how to make it glossy, transparent, or glowy. Is there a tutorial anywhere for doing these thing for Gimp preferably for Gimp 2.0?
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Those are separate qualities - use the SimGlass mesh shader for transparency, the specular texture for shine, and the emission map texture for glow. There are tutorials for each but they mostly use Photoshop. It's not hard to translate from working with a texture in Photoshop to doing the same things in GIMP, most of the difficulty is in working with the alpha layer.

I still want to do a tutorial on the emission map, maybe I can expand it to include specular and transparency.

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Thank you, I can't wait to see them!
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