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Default Create a Touring option?
Hello everyone!

I do not in the slightest idea know how to make anything for Sims 4. However, I would be willing to learn if I could make it possible for singers/dancers to go on tours. I remember in Sims 3, you could have concerts and stuff. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a tour happen with a bunch of different elements like booking venues, changing the outfits for your performers/you, making a schedule, set pieces come in different colors that you can change to alter the mood of the performance, and things you would see on a stage at an actual concert. It would be similar to shooting a movie, you have different marks to hit and you do certain things at each one. I would love it to not be a rabbit hole, but I think a touring piece would be awesome so if it has to be a rabbit hole, I'm still up for that. I know this sounds ambitious for someone who hasn't ever made something for the Sims, but does anyone know where I would start with this? Does anyone know a creator who takes requests or who is already working on something similar? I have reading the modding tutorials and stuff under Sims 4 but I am totally confused by it.

Side note: is there a mod that allows us to license more than one song for lyrics or more than one of each instrument?
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In terms of licencing lyrics etc., I'd suggest you read Coolspear's page for what the mods there do:

I use them and I can relicense etc.
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