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Default which file in the package determines whether a decor object gets in a sims way?
i'm trying to fix someone's cc blanket so that it doesn't make my sim get the crossed out footsteps thought bubble and keep them from getting in / out of the bed i have it on. i tried changing it's settings in tsrw, changing the objk and objd files and it's still getting in the way. other blanket objects don't do this, why does this one? what file should i edit to fix it? any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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The FTPT resource. You can edit it with S3PE Grid, but it's a little bit tricky to know exactly what to edit. You should navigate until you find the FootPrintAreas collection, press the ... button and then you'll encounter the different footprints. Look for the one that has the ForPathing/Placement AreaTypeFlag enabled and then expand the AllowIntersectionFlags and set to true if you want Sims and object to intersect the object like a rug.

Now if you want Sims to understand the size of the object and not just go through it (though this doesn't apply to rug or a blanket), you'll have to edit PolygonPoints collection to determine the location of each "node" of the footprint area in the X and Z axis (there's upper and lower nodes, so no Y axis). It can be tricky, so I strongly recommend you CLONE the object using The Sims 3 Resource Workshop and use their auto footprint tool to generate a good footprint.
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