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Default Oasis Resort Needs Work and I'm Out of Ideas
So... I decided to do a thing. I am in the process of making a resort. I was inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon and thought to make sort of an oasis type of resort. Hence the palm trees that clearly do not work. I think it would be better to do some latticework and put some plants on the top of them. Maybe? If memory serves, doing that makes the plants look like they're floating when you tab down to a different floor. I've always found that annoying. Perhaps do the lattice and just put hanging plants along the edges? Yes, I'm running myself in circles on this. I'm open to any ideas.

The price is ridiculously high, I'm currently a little over 1 million and there's still a few things that need to be done. (landscaping, etc) I like the way my furniture choices look, but I'm starting to question if using the high end furniture was a bad decision. I'm pretty sure I can get a similar look/feel with lower end furniture. Thoughts? Ideas?

I ran out of steam and ideas by the time I hit the first floor. I have some wide open spaces that I really don't know what to do with. I can't decide whether to leave them empty or if not, what to put in them.

I have been thinking of making a small play yard for kiddies, but I don't remember ever seeing any kids at the resorts. Would it be a waste of space and resources to do that?

The top floor is where to put the rabbit hole rugs, and I made some dummy rooms where the windows are so the empty floor won't look empty.

The second floor is the vip floor

These are just the things *I* see that is wrong. I am sure there are others. Please feel free to point them out.

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Hello, Why not try googling images for large building lobbies? That may give you an idea of what to do with large spaces.
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The palm trees don't work cause those are trees that would grow in soil around the resort. On the balconies - you would put potted plants.
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I agree. I had originally had the smaller potted ones, then got Into the Future and got a little too excited about the grass/carpet

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I think the windows are too much as well. They are just so big and open. This is all just my personal opinion.
Perhaps some windows with accents like these - or - to break it up a bit.
The front door needs to be more inviting. Example - You can see how the windows break up the walls. Add some landscaping, sidewalks and voile!
This creator has a wide variety of doors, both residental and commercial.

After looking at the last screenshot a bit more - it's hard to tell if you are going for modern, tropical, futuristic? You have several themes that seem to be going on at once. And this is just for the exterior - the interior looks rather neat... I like the layout. Maybe you could add more screenshots of the interior from a sims perspective?
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This is really gonna throw a wrench in your plans, but I feel like it needs to be more vertical? Definitely taller, and maybe with a smaller footprint to make up for the height adding more floor space? I LOVE the roof terrace, I think it gives off a great vibe and really sets the tone for what this place could be! It definitely has me feeling inspired.

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Okay, so I couldn't get this out of my head, so I built a quick shell based on this building. The size and shape is the same, except I added an extra floor in the middle to give it more height. I also changed the wall covering to something less stripey, and used lots of long narrower windows rather than a few wide ones, both to make it look taller.

(because I'm me, I also tried to work out a guest room layout for one of the middle floors, to make sure that all the windows wouldn't get in the way too much. I think it works? There's 6 double/twin rooms, 4 double+single rooms, 2 double+two singles rooms, and 2 suite style family rooms, again with a double and two singles. all the rooms have wardrobes, a small dining table plus chairs, a desk, and a tv plus couches/armchairs, so they're compact but still spacious enough)

(also please ignore the weird lighting and the mess of furniture in the middle and all that. I get very sloppy when working on layouts)

Anyway, feel free to borrow as much or of little of this as you like. I had to give it a try for my own sake, so I figured I might as well share it.

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I believe that more variety regarding the external wallpapers would be great. Maybe you could use one of the wall sets available in the game? You could try to use more natural colours too.

A very lush garden all around the resort would look nice in my opinion. It could even hide some parts of the building completely.

I am actually not so sure the palms do not work. Yes they seem strange at the lower levels but are rather nice on the top level - maybe you could create the main garden there and use more palm variants? you could use some objects to create fake planters for them If you feel they are too out of place. I believe it would be better not to place the trees so symmetrically. Breaking the symmetricity with the help of those plants/trees could make it look more natural. You could even use some of the "tomb wallpapers" from WA (If you have that EP) and cast them in a way which would create an impression of creeping plants on the walls.

As KatyFernlily mentioned, more " screenshots of the interior from a sims perspective" would help to answer your question regarding the furnishing.

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I too think smaller, longer windows would be more attractive. The color needs to be changed as well. Rock, or perhaps the brick, as Crowkeeper mentioned from WA would look nice and more natural. You could even try stucco. I just recently started playing Sims 3 again (Sims 4 has had most of my attention), but if there are any plants such as what came with Jungle Adventure, try using those. You could also try ivy or any wall hugging plants. I looked at some images of your RL inspiration and it looks like other trees were used besides palm trees. Try using something similar and I agree about trying to keep things asymmetrical. It is so natural to lean toward symmetry as it seems more balanced to the eye and getting that same look asymmetrical is a challenge and something I always struggle with, but when we make it happen, it is amazing! I can't wait to see the finished project!
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