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Default New Career: Feedback requested.
I'm a brand-new modder. I've poked around with tutorials on here before and made some CAS objects that mostly work but that's a problem for another day. I've decided to try my hand at creating careers since most of the hard work is done already thanks to the Create-A-Career tool. I've had this in my game for a few weeks and I love it so I decided to put this out there for others to look at and critique before I start the upload process. I've recently updated it for the new patch and haven't progressed through the ranks again. Download it, try it out and see what you think. I'd like to see what the community has to say about my humble first work.
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I feel like this one should be somewhere else, like in the modding discussion here:

This forum probably doesn't have the kind of knowledge you need as a first-timer. When you are sure the code won't ruin people's games, you can come back here. I might be wrong, but people might be a bit apprehensive about testing new code in their game.
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