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Seasons Legacy Challenge
Overview: The Sims 4 Legacy challenge, however your heirs are based off each season. Each generation has a set of goals you need to complete in order to successfully "win" the challenge. The original legacy rules can be found here. The rules still apply to the challenge, as it is a legacy challenge.
Side Note: City Living and Seasons are required for this. Get To Work and Dine Out are recommended but not needed.

Generation One: Spring
The humble founder, you've always had a love for children. You even find those childish ways in yourself.

Traits: Outgoing, Childish, Family-Oriented
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Career: Any

– Reach level 10 of career
– Reach level 10 of parenting skill
– Complete aspiration
– Have 2 kids
– Get married as an adult
– Have 1 best friend (who is not your spouse/love interest)
– Become good friends with your children

Generation Two: Summer
You love cooking and finding new recipes. It has always been your passion. Your parents loved you and you're still very close with your family. Although you're a bit high maintenance and love new, costly things, you're still kind at heart and love everyone around you.

Traits: Snob, Creative, Foodie
Aspiration: Master Chef
Career: Culinary

– Move out to an apartment when you turn into a Y/A
– Reach level 10 of cooking skill
– Have at least 2 romantic partners before finding "the one" and settling down
– Visit family once every two weeks and see them each holiday
– Only have 1 kid (unless you have twins or triplets)
– When retired or maxed the culinary career, you can buy/build a restaurant

Generation Three: Autumn
You were an only child, and whilst growing up you always had the luxury of amazing food to eat and new expensive items. Although you appreciated those things, you always found a connection with nature and Earth. You always appreciated the little things in life. Moving away from home was hard, however you found yourself more comfortable with your surroundings and it felt more homey.

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Good, Vegetarian
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: Gardener (or you can create a flower shop)

– Move out when you are a Y/A
– Reach level 10 of gardening skill
– Never get married, but you can settle down with a person for the rest of your life (or have as many relationships as you'd like)
– Have a garden with at least 10 perfect plants
– Complete aspiration
– Have as many kids as you wish, however you must have one set of twins (you can cheat for the twins)
– Don't have a bad relationship with anyone (repair bad relationships as fast as possible)
– Celebrate (and complete) each holiday
– The heir for the next generation must be an A-grade student

Generation Four: Winter
You always hated how spirited and earthly your parent was. You always liked organisation, structure and discipline. You were always focussed on the future, your career. You couldn't dare to think about anything else. Because of this, it meant that you had little to no friends. Although that didn't bother you, it always irked your parents. You immediately moved out when you turned into a Y/A, ready to start a future.

Traits: Ambitious, Neat, Perfectionist
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Politician

– When you turn into a Y/A, immediately move out.
– Never go on a proper date
– Reach level 10 of your career, either branch
– You can decide whether or not you want to have children. Preferably not as this is the last generation.
– Reach level 10 of charisma skill
– Fall in love and marry a co-worker
– Get a divorce (you can decide whether they get back together or not)
– When an adult or elder, move back into the original 50x50 home.

Yikes! It's the end of the challenge. I know it was fairly short, however ever since the Seasons expansion pack came out, I always kind of had this idea in the back of my head. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to share pictures or updates on this challenge. Or, even if you'd like, you can make a play-through on this.

Suggestions and criticism is greatly appreciated!
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I'm going to start this challenge! Here's what my founder looks like:

Share your images as well! I'd love to see them!
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i bet this one will be really fun
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