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The Sims 4 Experiences Challenge

Are you sick of doing the same old thing every time you play the Sims? Do you find yourself falling into the same routine every time you play and inevitably getting bored of the gameplay? Are there expansion/game packs that you’ve bought, but never really played much because you struggled figuring out how to incorporate it into your gameplay? Or maybe, you’re like me, and just get super overwhelmed with all the options for things to do in the Sims, so you just end up doing what’s familiar and comfortable?

Say hello to the Sims 4 Experiences Challenge! I created this challenge specifically to get the most use out of every expansion/game pack in the Sims 4 (to date). I’ll keep adding on to it whenever a new one comes out. This Legacy-type challenge will focus on one major expansion, or several small ones, each generation and require your Sims to complete a variety of requirements to live out their lives very differently from their predecessors. The goal is that it will help you get out of your comfort zone and get you to experience the most out of your gameplay and what the Sims 4 has to offer. So, without further ado…

  1. Try to avoid using any cheats/mods that grant money or items, cheat needs, free upgrades/repairs, free Reward Store purchases, no bills, etc. Basically, if your Sim is supposed to work for it in game, they should do it the legit way. Cheats/Mods that just make the game function better or fix bugs/glitches are fine.
  2. If your Sims move to a new lot/buy a new house, they must pay for that lot/house. If they can't afford the house, cheat it, then remove all their money except $2500.
  3. Lifespan must be set to Normal, Aging must be turned on (with the exception of storytelling stuff, as needed). MCCC is allowed (recommended honestly for story progression).
  4. If you don't own an expansion, skip that generation. Otherwise, play through the generations in order.
  5. For every generation, you must complete the Aspiration and reach the top of the Career track, unless otherwise stated.
  6. Each generation must have at least one child to be the heir for the next gen. You can choose any of your Sim's children as the heir. The other children kinda sorta don't matter (except in the Parenthood generation). Do whatever you want with them. Same goes with spouses.
  7. Like the infamous Not So Berry Challenge (which loosely inspired me to make this challenge), your Sims have to fit a certain color theme for each generation, and also a specific clothing style. It's not 100% necessary, obviously, but it provides interesting goals in CAS and will encourage you to try out items you might not have used before. Plus, it adds a nice touch of cohesiveness to their story.

Generation One : Base Game : Yellow

You couldn’t wait to move out and get as far away from your podunk little hometown as soon as possible. Right when you turned 18, you worked up the nerve and finally did it, packing your things and taking the first step toward independence and fulfilling your dream of becoming a rock star! Unfortunately, you definitely burned some bridges along the way, and now… your family won’t even speak to you. At least you worked your butt off and managed to save up a nice chunk of change to make the move possible, but after buying your first bit of property… there’s not much left. Now you’re in a new, unfamiliar world with no money, no family, no friends, and no idea what to do next. Can you make it on your own and build yourself up from nothing, or will you get desperate and turn to a life of crime to make ends meet?

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Criminal (Boss Branch)
Traits: Materialistic, Kleptomaniac, Creative
Appearance: Homeless/Basic. Started from the bottom, now you’re here. You literally moved out from home, barely legal, with nothing but a couple of bucks in your pocket and a head full of dreams. Decent clothes aren’t really in the budget.

  • Buy an empty lot, set money to $2,000, use as much of it as possible to get the basics (choose wisely!), then set money down to $0
  • Cannot get a job until at least $2,500 on hand
  • Max the Mischief, Handiness, and [any Instrument] skills
  • Earn >$500 from song royalties as you try to make your way
  • Eventually give up your dreams of stardom & join the Criminal career
  • Must steal 5 pieces of furniture worth at least $500 each to prove yourself to the mob boss
  • Have 3 Enemies and a Nemesis (not counting partner)
  • Have an "Enemies with Benefits" relationship, and eventually marry them
  • Cannot move-in partner/get married until at least Level 5 in career track

Generation Two : Get to Work : Blue

Growing up was kind of rough for you. Your parents struggled hardcore with finances, especially in the beginning. They went down a dark path just to keep the family afloat. That’s why you want to make sure you can live a better life than your parents did. You have your sights set on a legitimate, secure, high-paying career that will allow you to have the lifestyle you want. You won’t rest until you’re at the top of the corporate ladder, so people could say you’re a bit of a workaholic. As a means to relieve stress, you take up photography and drinking at the local watering hole after work. Alien Night at the bar quickly becomes your favorite past-time, and before long, you bite off a bit more than you can swallow… Unfortunately, all this focus on your career and your nightlife means you have little time for anything else, including your family. Will your find a way to balance your work life and home life? Or will you let the stress get to you and end up doing something you’ll regret?

Aspiration: Friend of the World (Doctor) OR Bodybuilder (Detective) OR Nerd Brain (Scientist)
Career: Doctor, Detective, or Scientist
Traits: Ambitious, Hotheaded, Genius
Appearance: Business Professional. You’ve got a corporate ladder to climb. Gotta be “on” all the time, 24/7, if you want them to take you seriously.

Doctor Requirements:
  • Max Logic and Charisma skills
  • Complete the Microscope Prints Collection
  • Deliver 3 babies
  • Visit the Sylvan Glade secret lot

Detective Requirements:
  • Max Logic and Fitness skills
  • Complete the Postcards Collection
  • Solve 12 cases
  • Visit the Sylvan Glade secret lot

Scientist Requirements:
  • Max Logic and Handiness skills
  • Complete the Elements Collection
  • Finish Rocket Ship & visit Sixam
  • Visit the Forgotten Grotto secret lot

Requirements for ALL:
  • Max Photography skill to relieve stress
  • Attend Alien Night at the bar whenever possible
  • Become Best Friends with an Alien met at the bar
  • Have an affair with an Alien OR marry an Alien
  • Get abducted by aliens and have an alien baby (you can cheat for this if necessary)
  • Never become Good Friends with any children

Generation Three : Cats & Dogs : Pink

Your childhood was pretty lonely. Your parents were always working and never really made time for you. Sure, you lived pretty comfortably in a nice home with lots of things, but it would’ve been nice to have been a priority in their lives. Your one saving grace was that your parents got you a pet, as if they were aware of how lonely you were but couldn’t be bothered to handle it themselves. You clung to that pet with your life and it became your best friend as you grew up. Before long, you learned to love animals more than you loved people. People were complicated, but pets? Pets were simple. Dogs and cats love unconditionally–they would give you love and attention no matter what. You fill your home with pets so that you’re always in the company of their doting furry faces. You dedicate your life to pets and decide to start up a Veterinary Clinic from scratch. You just know you’ll be able to make it the best clinic around. How hard could it possibly be?

Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Career: Veterinarian - start a new Vet Clinic
Traits: Cat/Dog Lover, Loner, Good
Appearance: Cutesy. You never really grew out of the cutesy phase, seeing as how your only friends were animals. Your style is reminiscent of a children’s book, or perhaps a cartoon character. People would describe you as adorable, which might not be the best thing for a grown adult.

  • Become Companions with childhood pet
  • Max Veterinarian & Pet Training skills
  • Start a Vet Clinic from scratch
  • Turn your Vet Clinic into a super success (5 star rating)
  • Adopt a pet via computer
  • Befriend and adopt a stray in the neighborhood
  • Own at least 3 pets (at least one cat, one dog)
  • Become Companions with all of your pets
  • Complete the Feathers collection
  • Breed a pet
  • Spay/Neuter all your non-breeding pets because you’re a responsible pet owner
  • Run a Simstagram account for a pet
  • Craft an Ambrosia pet treat & feed to a beloved pet

Generation Four : Parenthood : White

Your parents were obsessed with their pets & vet clinic and seemed to care more about the animals than you. You excelled at sports growing up, but your parents never came to any of your games because they were always busy with the animals. As a result, you never developed a good relationship with them and have been resentful of them your entire life. You vowed to never repeat your parents’ mistakes and do right by your family when the time came. At first, you dreamed of becoming a professional athlete when you grew up, but then quickly realized your real goal in life once you hit maturity. You’re absolutely obsessed with finding your soulmate, settling down, and raising a herd of children, while maintaining top physical shape in the process. It goes without saying that your children will be the best, most amazing, model children in the neighborhood. You’re sure that if you spend extra time with your kids and give them all the attention and support they need, that they’ll grow up into super successful special snowflakes that become honor roll students with well-developed personalities and a great relationship with their family. Will your hyper-involved parenting and the pressure you put on their children be enough to give you the family you’ve always wanted?

Aspiration: Super Parent
Career: Athlete (Professional Athlete Branch), until first child is born
Traits: Family Oriented, Neat, Active
Appearance: Soccer Mom/Dad. With a family this huge to take care of, clothing is more a matter of function than style, at this point.

  • Max Cooking, Fitness, and Parenting skills
  • Go on 3 dates with a Sim as a teen and become Soulmates before marrying them
  • Must get married before having first child
  • Must quit job once first child is born to raise children; [work from home is optional], spouse can still have traditional career
  • Must have at least 3 children
  • No nannies / butler allowed–you’re determined to raise your own kids the hard way
  • Next gen heir must be the “black sheep” of the family— bad relationship with parents, bad grades, & earn Irresponsible & Negative Emotional Control character value traits
  • One toddler must gain “Top Notch Toddler” trait, one toddler must gain “Happy Toddler” trait
  • All children must complete their Childhood Aspirations (**heir must choose Social Butterfly)
  • Non-heir children must earn 2 positive character traits
  • Must become Good Friends with non-heir children
  • Non-heir children must maintain at least a B grade in school

Generation Five : City Living : Red

You had a huge family growing up, with overbearing parents, a bunch of annoying siblings, and virtually no privacy. Life was a constant state of arguing, smothering, and claustrophobia. All you want is to have your own life, be known for who you are and not who your family is, and have your own space. What better way to do that than to move out to the big city and chase fame and glory? You’ve always been a huge social butterfly and your constant need for attention made you the perfect candidate for Simstagram stardom! It’s the perfect outlet for you as you embody city life, try new things, and maybe even meet someone special (or several someones)! Will you find happiness on your journey to find yourself and your place in the world, or will it all end in disaster with you running home with your tail between your legs?

Aspiration: (Social Butterfly Childhood), City Native
Career: Social Media (Internet Personality Branch)
Traits: Romantic, Noncommittal, Geek
Appearance: Trendsetting Hipster. You’re destined to be the hottest thing on Simstagram, so you’ve gotta look the part. You have to be a super trendy and fashionable hipster.

  • Complete Social Butterfly Childhood Aspiration
  • Move to an apartment in San Myshuno
  • Max Charisma, Video Gaming, and Mischief
  • Get 25mil followers on Simstagram
  • Humor & Hijinks Festival - Lead your side to victory
  • Romance Festival — Get engaged and/or married at the festival
  • GeekCon Festival — Get a perfect score in the Ultimate Gaming Test
  • Spice Festival — Complete the Spicy Challenge
  • Flea Market — Set up a shop of your own stuff for sale and make a profit of at least $250
  • Complete the City Posters collection
  • Have at least 5 boyfriends/girlfriends in your lifetime
  • Have only 1 child and become Best Friends with them because you’re a cool mom
  • Get married for the first time in late Adulthood

Generation Six : Get Together + Outdoor Retreat : Green

Your parents led quite the chaotic, wild life, but the hustle and bustle of city life was never really for you. You didn’t really get a chance to make a lot of friends your own age growing up, since life sort of revolved around your crazy parent and all their social-media-conquering escapades. All you want is a peaceful life away from the chaos of the inner city and more time outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature. Having some hobbies wouldn’t hurt either… and friends… real friends would be nice. You seek the company and approval of others, so you join a career that revolves around entertainment. To fill the void in your life, you want to run a club full of like-minded individuals so that you can have a second family away from home. You want to meet and hang out with people who have the same interests you do–maybe do a little hiking, take some camping trips, explore the beauty of nature. Will your new alternative lifestyle be able to fill the void in your life?

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
Career: Entertainer (Comedian branch)
Traits: Outgoing, Erratic, Insider
Appearance: Hippie. You care more about nature than what other people think of your wardrobe. As long as it’s comfortable and groovy, who cares? It’s not like the trees are going to judge you.

  • Max Herbalism, Fishing, Charisma, Comedy skills
  • Take over the Garden Gnomes Club as the new leader, OR start your own Nature Club, and fill it with like-minded friends:
  • –––-Ages (Teen-Elder); Traits (Loves Outdoors); Club Activities (Be Friendly, Fish, Hangout by Fire, Tend Garden, Swim); Hangout (any lot with lots of Nature-related activities)
  • Join one other Club as well
  • Go on Club Gatherings whenever possible (at least twice a week)
  • Become Good Friends with all your Club members–they’re like your second family
  • Go on vacation to Granite Falls at least twice
  • Become Best Friends with the Hermit of Granite Falls
  • Harvest all unidentified plants

Generation Seven : Vampires : Black

Your parents were obsessed with nature, and you were too, up until you had a run-in with a Vampire when you were a kid. Ever since then, you’ve been obsessed with the supernatural. No one believed that you’d met a Vampire, chalking it up to an overactive imagination, but you were always sure of it. You did as much research on them as possible, hoping to be able to run into a Vampire again someday. Finally, you decide to move to Forgotten Hollow, the haunted neighborhood known for strange, almost occult, occurrences, in the hope of finding what you’re looking for there. Eventually, your wish is granted and you have another encounter with a Vampire. Does it turn out to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of or does it turn into the stuff nightmares are made of?

Aspiration: Master Vampire
Career: Writer (Author Branch)
Traits: Bookworm, Evil, Self-Assured
Appearance: Cliché Vampire. Just because you can’t see yourself in the mirror, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t. You basically invented goth. You’re born from the darkness and revel in black so you can stay in the shadows. They’ll never see you coming.

  • Move to Forgotten Hollow to a house with Vampire Nexus & Registered Vampire Lair lot traits
  • Master Writing, Logic, Pipe Organ, and Vampire Lore skills
  • Write and Publish 5 books about Vampires
  • Read “The Ultimate Vampire Tome”
  • Become Good Friends with 3 Vampires
  • Become Best Friends with a Vampire, then marry them
  • Have your Vampire spouse turn you into a Vampire
  • Grow Plasma Fruit, Garlic, and Wolfsbane on your home lot
  • Turn 3 Sims into Vampires
  • Have one Vampire child and one Human child
  • Become a Grand Master Vampire
  • (If Vampire child chosen as heir) Offer your child the Ultimate Vampire Cure when they become of age (YA)

Generation Eight : Dine Out : Gray

Because you grew up with Vampire parents, you pretty much starved growing up. Okay, well not really, but it was always hard to find real food to eat at home when your parents technically didn’t have to eat. Because good food was such a rarity in your household, you became obsessed with it. You developed a deep love and appreciation for human food. Whenever you went out to eat with your friends, you treated the meal like an adventure. Food quickly became your passion and you modeled your life after the pursuit of the perfect meal. You dream of becoming a renowned chef, but even more than that, you want to own your own restaurant someday. Once you’re the proud owner of a five-star restaurant… you’ll know you’ve made it.

Aspiration: Master Chef
Career: Culinary (Chef) until Lvl 6, then Buy a Restaurant
Traits: Foodie, Squeamish, Perfectionist
Appearance: Prim & Proper. If people are going to respect you, you’ve got to maintain the appearance of someone who’s a somebody. Not just anyone can be the proprietor of a five-star restaurant. Your style is very conservative, sharp, and straight-laced. You turn the stuffy look into an art.

  • Join Culinary Career (Chef Branch)
  • After at least level 6 in Culinary Career, quit job and buy a Restaurant
  • Fully staff Restaurant
  • Get Restaurant to 5 Stars
  • Make net profit of at least $4,000 in three shifts
  • Max the Culinary, Gourmet Chef, and Baking skills
  • Learn all 27 unlockable recipes from the food stalls in San Myshuno
  • Cook Ambrosia once

Generation Nine : Jungle Adventure + Spa Day : Orange

You spent a lot of your childhood eating foods from all over the world and meeting restaurant patrons from each end of the globe. You don’t just want to eat the foods, you want to experience the culture. Your dream is to travel to distant countries and experience their culture. You want to get outside of the bubble of your comfortable hometown and find adventure and diversity. Then, when you’re worn out, you want to be able to come home, relax, and unwind at the local spa. Your parents used to leave you with the babysitter and go to the spa by themselves on “me days” so, naturally, you want to see what all the fuss was about. Of course, it’s even more amazing than you could’ve expected and it becomes your homecoming routine. Yoga becomes a surprising personal favorite and your go-to form of exercise and detox. When you’re home, you make a name for yourself by writing books about your travels and painting epic portrayals of your adventures. Antidotes aren’t cheap! With all that traveling, adventures, yoga, spa days, and creative outlets, who could ask for more?

Aspiration: Jungle Explorer
Career: No traditional career, must live off royalties/adventuring finds
Traits: Cheerful, Clumsy, Dance Machine
Appearance: Selvadoradan. You visit so often that the locals basically consider you to be one of them. It helps that you dress like them, talk like them, and immerse yourself in their lifestyle. You are one with the Selvadoradan culture.

  • Max Selvadoradan Culture, Archaeology, Wellness, and Writing skills
  • Complete the Ancient Omiscan Artifact OR Omiscan Treasure collections
  • Combine and create 12 different Relics
  • Go on at least 2 Selvadoradan vacations
  • Visit the Spa after each trip, and at least twice per week
  • Woohoo in a Sauna
  • Attend each Yoga class twice
  • Marry a Selvadoradan Native
  • Own a massage table and give your spouse a Massage daily
  • Write 3 books about your Selvadoradan adventures

Generation Ten : Seasons : Multicolor

You lived an eventful childhood, traveling constantly with your family, and you just want to settle down in one place for a nice, long while and maybe not ever move again. You’ve had enough excitement for one lifetime. The traditional lifestyle isn’t for you either though, so you want to start a farm and live off the land. An ambitious lifestyle isn’t really in the cards for you, so you just want to live the simple life and raise a family in a quaint neighborhood, celebrate the holidays together, and just do normal family things.

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: Gardening (either branch)
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Vegetarian, Goofball
Appearance: Seasonal. You’re super into [choose a season] and dress in that style all the time, even when it doesn’t really make sense sometimes.

  • Max Gardening, Flower Arranging, and Handiness skills
  • Join Scouts as a child and complete the Badge collection
  • Grow every type of plant on your lot (including grafted plants)
  • Grow 3 Cowplants at once and don’t die to any of them!
  • Feed a Sim to a Cowplant and drink the Essence of Life
  • Graft a Death Flower & plant it
  • Celebrate every major holiday
  • Throw a party for each major family event (birthdays, engagements, marriages, etc)
  • Befriend Patchy
  • Own a weather machine

I worked super hard on this and I’m excited to share it with you! I hope y’all enjoy the challenge and get some good stories out of it :) You can check out this challenge in its entirety on my tumblr page, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about it through asks on there!
Happy Simming!

Duchesty @ Tumblr
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I don't normally comment but since this challenge hasn't got any comments yet I thought I would.
I really like this idea and think it has a lot of potential! Too often I get an expac and barely use it lol.

But I think the first generation is REALLY HARD! I always start in winter because I figure "well thats when New Years is" (lol). I feel like my founder barely survived, didn't start a job til he was almost an adult. Not that my heir is fully grown he's an elder and I figure no way will he finish being "Fabulously Wealthy" in time--maybe I should have been more aggressive in his hobbies (doesnt help my game will bug and send him early from work for the flimsiest of reasons). I don't know how to make an "enemies with benefits", so I just ended up being mean to his wife constantly after they got married it was a bit sad as someone who always plays nicey nice families.

I think the late start on his career hurt him a lot (though even if he started on Day 1 I don't know if I could have earned enough money), and I feel like being "mean spirited" would have made more sense for all the mean interactions he ended up doing for his career and towards his loved ones. I feel like my founder had a rough and sad kind of life, starting off with big dreams but ultimately ending up a bit unfulfilled, alienated from his wife and his daughter, never getting the kind of big money he hoped for.

Here's to Generation II: Get to Work. My heir (founders daughter, raised partially by her mom alone) is going to try for the Detective route since I've never done that career in game before. She's already a bit of a jock and got to visit Sylvan Glade as a teen.
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I believe I will this one a try as I tend to stick to certain careers and rarely explore the packs fully.
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4th Aug 2018 at 2:34 PM
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#4 Old 6th Aug 2018 at 1:10 AM
This sounds super fun!
Test Subject
#5 Old 6th Aug 2018 at 3:13 PM
I've started this challenge and I love it. I even started with a male founder, since I usually start with a female. Probably going to try to switch the gender every other generation, just for the fun of it. Anyway, I'm about half-way through the first generation with the second generation heiress a toddler, about to be a child. The first generation is rather sad though - he has a negative relationship with his wife and probably will with both his daughters as well. But all and all I'm having alot of fun with it and am looking forward to playing through the other packs in detail!
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#6 Old 18th Aug 2018 at 5:44 PM
Hate to double post but I wanted to update you on my challenge - with pictures!

This was Aidan, the founder of the legacy. He managed to top the Criminal career. He also married Summer Holiday who was the mother of his two daughters. I had alot of fun making the house very yellow. I've probably taken the color theme to the extreme honestly. I even tried to base the houses on the sort of 'theme' of the generation. His house was kind of shack-like, put together and a rather plain. On the contrary, the house for generation two was sharp and modern, very serious and not very homey - its much more structured.

Here's Aidan as an elder with the Gen 2 Heiress, Brooke. She looks like a female version of him, but I figured it was fitting. Plus she's a very serious and focused sim. This was sadly the last picture of Aidan, he died the same day that he and Brooke took it. They were just repairing their relationship and had just become friends for the first time. He was super proud of her for deciding to become a doctor. She was definitely doing better in her life than he ever did in his.

This is Colette, the third generation heiress and the only child of Brooke and her husband Jared. Brooke couldn't be bothered to have more than one child - it would take away from her career! In my game, Colette just became a child and was gifted a dog for that birthday, a collie named Allie. She's a dog person so she was thrilled to get a pupper to call her own! Summer (Aidan's wife & Brooke's mother) is still kicking and she takes it upon herself to take care of Colette, but when she eventually passes away, Allie will be her only friend.

I'm still having alot of fun and I'm really excited to start generation 3 as I've never even played with a Vet clinic and I hardly play with pets. Its probably going to be hard, but a very exciting ride. I think every generation from now on will probably take up photography so that way I can have family pictures all over the house. It makes it more homey I think.

Anyway, I'll probably update again when some more stuff goes down in my legacy. Thanks again for this awesome challenge!
Test Subject
#7 Old 17th Nov 2018 at 8:37 PM
I'm having a grand time so far with this challenge! My Generation 1 lady was nearing elderhood when I realized she was never going to achieve her goals....but had just enough aspiration points for a Potion of Youth! With a few books of Lyrics published, she's bringing in enough cash to finish up her aspiration. Her son got a job as a scientist and apparently, Pollination Technician #3 is as much of an overachiever as he is, because the poor guy had alien triplets! I'm trying to decide which of the kids to choose for the next generation.

This thread has been quiet for a while, but I would love to see this updated to include Get Famous if you're still around!
Test Subject
#8 Old 29th Nov 2018 at 5:32 PM
I would love to do this once I save up enough money for some other expansions!! (I have Cats $ Dogs and Get to Work, but I can change some things if I need!!)
Lab Assistant
#9 Old 3rd Jan 2019 at 8:08 PM
I was just thinking about making a challenge similar to this one! But your's seem super fun! Do you plan adding get famous too?
Test Subject
#10 Old 7th Jan 2019 at 12:11 PM
Hi This Legacy look great will have to try it out thanks
Field Researcher
#11 Old 18th Jan 2019 at 10:32 AM
This looks like so much fun! I'm definitely going to try this soon. Some goals also look really hard though, especially with lifespan set to normal haha. But it's a challenge, of course, so it's not meant to be easy.
Lab Assistant
#12 Old 27th Jan 2019 at 9:09 AM
I started a Let's Play with this challenge, if anyone is interested in watching
Test Subject
#13 Old 24th Mar 2019 at 5:59 PM
I've started the Challenge as well! I am still on Gen. 1 as the "Enemies with Benefits" and "Fabulously Wealth" aspiration is pretty difficult for me!
Feel free to check my progress:
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