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The Evil Genius Challenge
I've always felt that the "Emperor of Evil" lifetime wish was rather... Lackluster. What's the point of being an awesome supervillain if you can't actually do anything fun about it? So I've designed this challenge based around an old game called "Evil Genius" but made it playable for us Sims fans.

In this challenge, you are going to create not one, but two families! The playable Evil Family, and the unplayable but still important Good Family. Both families have to be in the neighborhood for this challenge to work, as the two families will meddle in the other one's business.

First things first, We have to create the designated good family. They will consist of five archetypes:

1. The Leader: The "designated hero" and your Evil Genius's arch nemesis
2. The Lancer: Basically the second-in-command, this character should be the "opposite" of your designated hero, but share the same motives
3. The Smart Guy: Smart but weak
4. The Big Guy: Strong but dumb
5. The Chick: The peacekeeper and "heart" of the good guys. Does not necessarily need to be female.

I've deliberately left the descriptions of the heroes vague so you can design them as you see fit. All these characters should have the "good" trait, obviously, But as long as they fit the archetype you're good to go. Plonk this family down first in your town and through various measures get them into high-ranking positions in your town. Recommended positions include: Journalism, Law Enforcement (Spy and Forensics), Medicine, Military, Politics, and even Science. Make them highly involved in the community and have a lot of friends.

Now that that's out of the way, we start work on the Bad guys. They will be designed slightly differently than the good guys, As instead of serving the greater good, they serve a single individual and their plans.

1. The Evil Genius: The "Main" Main character, This individual plans to take over all of Simtopia. Designed however you'd like, they must have the following traits: Evil, Charismatic, and Ambitious.
2. The Janitor: This Sim's sole purpose is to serve the Evil Genius and all the stuff they own. Must be Neat, A Natural Cook, and Handy.
3. The Publicist: This Sim's Objective is to make the Evil Genius look good in the public eye. Must be Charismatic, Flirty, and a schmoozer.
4. The Bodyguard: This Sim Protects the Evil Genius from all physical harm and sometimes acts as a personal trainer. Must Be Athletic, Brave, and Hot-Headed.
5. The Scientist: This Sim is responsible for building the various gadgets the Evil Genius uses, as well as upgrading everything around the base. Must be a Computer Whiz, Handy, and a Genius.

The Evil genius themselves is the only one required to have the "evil" trait, but it helps to give all the sims this trait. You can also add some additional characters if you'd like:

-The Moll/Boy Toy: The Evil Genius's personal arm candy. This role may be combined with one of the required roles listed above, but they can also be a separate sim.
-Fluffy: The Evil Genius's beloved pet. Need not actually be named "Fluffy"
-The Theif: This Sim steals stuff for the Evil Genius. If one of the main five already has a kleptomaniac trait, this sim is not needed.
-The Groundskeeper: Unlike the Janitor, this Sim focuses on the outside of the base. They manage any gardens, fish ponds, or alternate properties the Evil Genius owns. Can be combined with the Janitor, but not necessary.
-The Artist: This Sim's sole purpose is to complement the Evil Genius's already massive ego by creating artworks dedicated to their "muse".
-The Wildcard: This Sim is only working for the Evil Genius for a paycheck. Otherwise, this sim is creating mayhem all over town.
-The Mystic: This Sim will attempt to alter the forces of the Universe to benefit your Evil Genius. Whether or not this actually works depends on how you want to play.

Now that we have the Evil family down, It's time to move them in and switch to them. Unlike the Good family above, the Evil family will actually have their own secret base. The base must contain the following rooms:

-Inner Sanctum for the Evil Genius
-Holding Cells (For when the Irritating do-gooders get involved)
-Computer lab
-Meeting room
-Trophy Room

Okay, Now onto the phases of the Evil Genius's Evil plan.

1. Buy up as much property as physically possible in town.
2. Make every member of the Evil Genius's family reach the top of their careers.
3. Imprison, kill, or otherwise "remove" the good family.

Additional objectives:

-Complete all the adventures and tombs from "WA"
-Find a way to resurrect all the dead people in the town, may also be a zombie apocalypse.
-Collect all the Magic Gnomes
-Buy all Buyable lifetime rewards for use in your base
-Have a garden of Money Trees that generates at least 10,000 Simoleans per day
-Unlock all inventions/potions/statues and paintings
-Unlock all Gem shapes
-Have a personal graveyard with five former sims the Evil family has "dealt with". May or may not be members of the good family.

Have fun!
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I don't understand why no one has replied to that challenge, yet, it sounds like a LOT of fun! And it's pretty innovative. :D
Not sure when exactly I'll have time to play it, but it's def on my list! ^-^
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