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Default Polygamous Vampire Queen/King of Hell 100 Baby Challenge
Storyline: You are the daughter/granddaughter or son/grandson of the Devil himself, and current ruler of Hell. You are a very powerful vampire/demon/witch, and have the reputation of a polygamous manizer/womanizer with many husbands/wives. You have/want to have several children with your spouses for the glory of Hell's monarchy. You think to yourself one day that with your husbands/wives, you'd like to give birth to/father 100 children (including the ones you may already have). Your goal begins now!

CAS: Make a YA/adult sim of either gender. This sim is your founder, and the current Queen/King of Hell. She/he can have any appearance you wish, but should probably have fancy Gothic/historical styled clothes, perhaps Victorian/Steampunk or medieval, and should look like a vampire/demon, or whatever you wish. Give her/him any traits you want, suggestions are something related to family and/or romance, like Family Oriented, Nurturing, Hopeless Romantic, or Flirty, and probably Evil, and probably something like Snob or Proper, something wealth related. Make his/her lifetime wish Surrounded By Family, Turn The Town, Gold Digger, or Heartbreaker. Make him/her a vampire if you have Late Night and/or Supernatural, as well as possibly Witch or any other occult state you wish, or multiple if you have mods for it.

Husbands/wives: Make at least 2, depending on your mods and how many you can handle. My vampire queen has 5. Make them any appearance you wish, with any traits, they can be fictional characters, historical figures, or your own creation. These will be the fathers/mothers of your founder's 100 babies. They may also have another spouse/other spouses and can even be gay/lesbian, and can be the same gender as your founder if you have same-sex pregnancy mods, but only the children they have with your founder or alien babies/plantsim babies/adoptions/clones count in your 100 babies, not babies with their other spouse(s) if they have them. They may be any occult state.

Optional Nanny(ies): you may make one or more nanny sims of either gender to help raise your founder's children, of any gender, appearance or traits, but try giving them traits befitting a childcare giver/servant. They may be any occult state.

Optional already-born children: You may make children in CAS already born to your founder and his/her spouses/her/his spouse's spouse(s), they may be between the ages of toddler-teen and may be of any appearance, gender, and traits, and you may have as many as you can handle/mods will allow, with any husband/wife, and they are included in your 100 babies. They may be the same occult state as the founder/their mother/father, or a different one entirely, and may look as much like their parents as you want.

Gameplay: Your founder must either not be employed or be in a profession or self-employed or in a custom career such as Homemaker enabling them to work from home. Your founder's husbands/wives may work or stay home, your nanny/ies must either not work or be in a career like Homemaker, your spouse's spouse(s) may work or not. You must have a large, grand mansion/palace that may be bought/decorated using money cheats to your heart's content. Your founder and their spouses and their spouse's spouse(s) must have either the No Jealousy LTR and/or you must have a no jealousy mod and something to enable them to all be married or at least be romantic interests with each other, and children already born must be set as their parent's child using mods if you could not do so in CAS.

Your founder is only to have babies with his/her spouses, and only those babies, ones made in CAS, or ones adopted or made by unnatural means (alien pregnant males, plantsim baby, clone) count in the 100 babies, the children of your spouse's spouse/s do NOT count in the 100 babies.
You MAY hire a butler/maid/Bonehilda
You MAY have home or hospital births
You MAY use mods (and they are recommended)
Static motives are allowed
Homeschooling or public school recommended for children, teens AND ONLY TEENS may be sent to boarding school if you wish
You MAY move out children once they are YAs or they may stay home and help with babies
You MAY use fertility treatment, it's recommended
You MAY use Immortal to increase your founder/their spouse's ability to have babies for longer if they're a vampire
You MAY play with aging off or on, you may let your children age naturally or age them up under these circumstances:
Baby: May be aged up immediately
Toddler: May be aged up when taught to walk, talk, and use potty
Child/Teen: May be aged up when they get an A in school/homeschooling or if your teen is away at boarding school and they age up to YA and graduate
You MAY have pets
There are 2 heirs, the eldest child (heir to the throne) and youngest son/daughter (depending on founder's gender), heir to 100 baby challenge
Game ends once your founder has given birth to/fathered/adopted/had by unnatural means/had in CAS 100 children and the 100th child is raised to YA
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Interesting idea; I'll have to give this one a try!
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" You may make children in CAS already born to your founder and his/her spouses/her/his spouse's spouse(s)"
This part had me confused for a second then made me laugh lol.
Good idea, anyways. I'll give it a go.
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Interesting challenge
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Might try this...I sort of like the idea of my sim having multiple wives :3
of course the first 2 wives will be made ingame, on how he'll get more wives...I'll figure something out... I sort of want his max amount of wives to be maybe 5...depends on how my computer will handle it...
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