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Latest News Spooktober Challenges 12th Oct 2019 at 7:08 PM EDT

Carve your pumpkins and start cutting holes in your sheets 'cause the spookiest time of the year has arrived!

It's time to dress up your sims - they can be creepy, silly, mysterious, or horrifying! Whatever will get your sims in the mood for ... read more

Older News Upcoming Changes to Queue Bypass 11th Oct 2019
Nysha's New Creators for September 11th Oct 2019
MTS movie night 2019 winners 15th Sep 2019
Stream on us 1st Sep 2019
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How to create perfect sims using Facegen!!! (Yeah, it's real!!!) Today 2:10 PM EDT
The SimPE preservation project: what do we have, what do we need? Today 4:54 AM EDT
Roof pieces keep snapping up when chaghing slope on barn roof Yesterday 7:17 PM EDT
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Property set for afbodykimono? 7th Oct 2019 5:14 PM EDT
Hole in neck on mesh 7th Oct 2019 11:11 AM EDT
SimPE error cannot create recolours 2nd Oct 2019 10:56 AM EDT
Shoe-swap help 29th Sep 2019 6:42 PM EDT
How hard would it be to change money values in preexisting mods? Today 6:59 PM EDT
Tutorial: How to make glowing eyes (Vampire pack required) 12th Oct 2019 9:11 AM EDT
New API for Developers needing Python help 12th Oct 2019 7:10 AM EDT
Question on Adding death to a Interaction 11th Oct 2019 9:11 PM EDT
TS4: Custom TV Channels 11th Oct 2019 1:23 PM EDT
Need help to create a custom tag and to add it to a custom object 11th Oct 2019 12:52 PM EDT
the hood does not correctly follow head movement 8th Oct 2019 3:15 PM EDT
How To Freeze One Motive? 8th Oct 2019 2:19 AM EDT
A trait idea - let's see if it's possible! 8th Oct 2019 2:18 AM EDT
Animated accessories - can it be done? 7th Oct 2019 11:30 PM EDT
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Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!) 13th Oct 2019 1:38 AM EDT
The Test of Time Challenge 9th Oct 2019 6:09 PM EDT
Mother Superior 3rd Oct 2019 1:03 AM EDT
Avatar: The Last Witch/Vampire/Werewolf/PlantSim 30th Sep 2019 7:59 PM EDT
NPC Babies Challenges 29th Sep 2019 8:25 PM EDT
The Homestead Challenge "The Sim Dream" Updated 9/27/19 27th Sep 2019 8:36 PM EDT
The Medieval Charter Challenge *New!* Luxury Version 3.0* 15th Sep 2019 12:53 AM EDT
The Aristocratic Challenge 3rd Sep 2019 1:59 AM EDT
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 22nd Aug 2019 7:42 PM EDT
10 all challange 9th Aug 2019 11:00 PM EDT
Post Apocalyptic World Rebuild Challenge Yesterday 3:32 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) 13th Oct 2019 5:13 PM EDT
The Banished Build a City Challenge 12th Oct 2019 2:41 PM EDT
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! 11th Oct 2019 2:35 PM EDT
The Tropico Challenge (Must Have IP) 10th Oct 2019 1:00 AM EDT
Divide and Conquer Legacy Challenge (Testers Needed) 3rd Oct 2019 3:33 AM EDT
Go to Jail! 1st Oct 2019 2:53 PM EDT
The Reaper Challenge 1st Oct 2019 2:42 PM EDT
The two evil sisters 1st Oct 2019 1:59 PM EDT
Grow As You Go- A Farmacy 1st Oct 2019 12:54 AM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs Today 6:28 AM EDT
Haunted Scout Camp Challenge 12th Oct 2019 7:12 PM EDT
The Castaway Challenge! 6th Oct 2019 6:52 PM EDT
The Dynasty Challenge 6th Oct 2019 2:28 AM EDT
The Decades Challenge -REBOOTED- 5th Oct 2019 5:05 PM EDT
Spells & Cauldrons - Legacy Challenge. 22nd Sep 2019 11:56 AM EDT
Box of Chocolates Random Legacy Challenge [Updated for City Living] 21st Sep 2019 1:20 AM EDT
Zodiac Legacy Challenge - Updated for Seasons/Get Famous 12th Sep 2019 10:04 PM EDT
The Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge 3rd Sep 2019 6:00 AM EDT
•♥•The "Do it as you Go" Challenge-Sims 4 Edition!•♥• [Updated Monthly] 2nd Sep 2019 5:25 AM EDT
Creator Feedback Forums:
Harry Potter sims 9th Oct 2019 4:25 PM EDT
Maxis Wallpaper Button-Up Shirts for Female Sims 5th Oct 2019 12:23 PM EDT
Helen, a Greek Sim 4th Oct 2019 5:18 PM EDT
Collegiate Gothic 22nd Sep 2019 7:29 PM EDT
Walled City - Wall Limit Loophole? 31st Aug 2019 8:00 PM EDT
TJ Detweiler (Recess) 10th Oct 2019 4:55 PM EDT
A TS3 Snow replacement and enhanced mod 10th Oct 2019 11:48 AM EDT
Appaloosa Plains Reloaded 8th Oct 2019 5:26 PM EDT
TS3 UI Recolor - Now with Gray UI for testing! 5th Oct 2019 7:22 PM EDT
Greymont Bay - Final Lot Building Phase in progress 5th Oct 2019 1:56 PM EDT
Architect Build - furnishing 11th Oct 2019 7:40 AM EDT
Child sims can cast magic 27th Sep 2019 7:23 AM EDT
Is this respect Creator Guidelines ? 20th Sep 2019 6:16 PM EDT
First a Question 13th Sep 2019 7:51 AM EDT
Testers needed - Blender support in CAS Tools via Collada dae import/export 9th Sep 2019 5:54 PM EDT